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Lashings Boutique Hotel & Villas

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do? Where would you go? And who would you go there with? If you’re asking us, we strongly suggest Lashings Boutique Hotel and Villas.

Situated on Jamaica’s secluded South Coast, Lashings Boutique Hotel and Villas offers views of Jamaica’s final vacation frontier. This side of the island may not be as popular as some of the more crowded locales. Nevertheless,  with new developments and improved infrastructure, it is now easier to reach than ever before. 

We arrived a bit later than we expected but with only 24 Hours to Live, we wasted no time getting settled in. This was not our first time at Lashings Boutique Hotel and noticed that staff is always welcoming. We got an amazing tour of the property and had a chance to experience all their room categories.

Lashings Hotel Pool Drone Shot
Lashings Hotel Pool

“those rooms are so well appointed that you could wake up in those beds and feel like you are anywhere in the world.”

The Villa section is located at the top of the property’s sloping landscape. It gifts amazing views of Jamaica’s South Coast below. You should note however, that it is not located on a beach. It makes up for that with two breathtaking infinity pools. Lashings Hotel design is like that of a Luxurious Treehouse. With hidden pathways and hammock strewn lounge areas, choose one and call it your own.

Island Bwoy Travel Rating

Let’s get to the fun part – The ratings. We have chosen 5 categories to rate each property by: Food, Accommodation, Amenities, Customer Service and Budget. 

Food – 10.

If you are like me, you are very picky when it comes to food. Cleanliness is also very important and as you approach the Treehouse Bar, you instantly see that Lashings Boutique Hotel is on the same page. Whenever in the area, I make it my duty to stop by and order some Lobster or seafood. The food is spectacular and is every food lover’s gourmet dream. They have done an amazing job combining International cuisine with local cooking techniques and seasonings. We could go on and on but implore you to book a stay with us to find out for yourself here.

Accommodation – 10.

If we gave this anything less than a perfect score, it would be because there is no such thing as a perfect score since we live in an imperfect world. However, Lashings Hotel has created its own vibe as a Boutique Hotel and as such, it cannot be compared to anything else. They have created a unique blend of local culture and modern design cues that cannot be found anywhere else or compared to other hotels.

Amenities – 9.

Lashings Boutique Hotel could have easily been given a perfect score by someone who truly wants to get away and relax. For those staying beyond 2 to 3 days, it may leave you with a case of rock fever. Do note however that you also have access to their second property. It is situated on the beach just a 5 minute drive away. This gives you full access to the beach, ocean and water sports for those who are more adventurous.

Customer Service – 10.

As stated, this is our 5th visit to Lashings Boutique Hotel and we couldn’t help but notice how helpful staff was from the very minute we arrived at the entrance. What took the rating over the top was that the staff was very happy and cheerful and truly seemed like they loved working there. We were also very surprised at how knowledgeable the staff was and all seemed to be on the same wavelength working as a team. 

Budget – 10.

We have been to many hotels at every level of service around the world. Check out a few here. With rates that start from around $120USD per night including Breakfast, this price point is attainable for any traveler. Lashings Hotel earns extra points as well for the fact that their rooms could easily be sold at 5 times the asking price. Not to mention, those rooms are so well appointed that you could wake up in those beds and feel like you are anywhere in the world.  

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Lashings Boutique Hotel and Villas 

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